TweetWrap: For the TweetDeck desktop lovers running Windows 10


Download TweetWrap for Windows 10 here:

A couple of weeks ago I saw a notice that TweetDeck for Desktop was going to be discontinued on April 15 and even if it was already installed it would stop working. I have tried several other Twitter apps for Windows 10, including the official Twitter app, Tweetium, Tweet It!, and more, but each falls short for my needs in one way or another. The biggest reason in these apps is because I value my screen real estate, and even at the smallest font and scale of the app, I can’t seem to fit as much information as I want to. Could be just me, if you are happy with your twitter experience, this isn’t for you.

Personally every time over the past year or so that I reset my laptop or got a new one, the first thing I did was go find an installer for an old version of TweetDeck so I could install it. This ended when Twitter disabled even that option on April 15.

I noticed that the TweetDeck desktop app and the web site are extremely similar. Actually I would be shocked if the old desktop app wasn’t just a wrapper for the web site, so I thought why can’t I just wrap it myself in an app? That was when TweetWrap was born.

Note: After I created TweetWrap, Simon Bisson (@sbisson on twitter) told me about the TwitDuck app written by Mark Allan (@markxa on twitter) which was doing basically the same thing. I was far enough along in my app that I felt I should publish it anyway.

I have no goal or motive with this app except having a twitter client on Windows 10 desktop that I can use. So you may say why not just use the web version? Again I value my screen real estate and I don’t like having and address bar or tabs taking away from that when I just want an app. Also it’s easier to launch and manage.

I have also published the source code to GitHub with a hope that others will contribute to make it better. You can get the source code here: 

The main glaring issues I see with the app at this point are that the scrollbars show up on hover, instead of either being hidden always or showing always like they are when you run the TweetDeck site in the browser. I don’t know why this happens and fixing this would be a huge improvement. Also if there was a way to enable push notifications I think that would be something a lot of users would want. Let’s work together to provide a quality Twitter experience for Windows 10 users.

Note: Yes I know there may be other options for this, I think Chrome has a way to launch a web site without all the other stuff. Please post details on other options to the comments section. Thanks!