Monthly Archives: October 2015

Windows 10 development for Absolute Beginners

I’m hoping over time that my XAML 101 series will be an indispensable reference for XAML development on Windows 10 but it isn’t meant to be a comprehensive end to end guide to Windows 10 development, and it will take a while just to get through all I want to with XAML specific topics.

The good news is that there is some other great content out there, and I’ll try to post about these as I find them. Here is the first. Bob Tabor had a couple of very popular series on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 development for beginners, and now Bob is back working with Microsoft’s Channel 9 with a series of video tutorials on getting started with Windows 10 programming. There are several hours of material here, and in the second half of the series he creates 4 different complete apps from start to finish to reinforce the techniques covered in the first half. You can find the series at the following link: