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This blog has been a long time coming. I originally came up with the idea before Windows 8 launched, thinking XAML would be a big part of Windows 8 apps and believing the hype that the Windows 8 Store would be a big deal. A few things happened to derail my grand design. Steven Sinofsky got on stage and said use WinJS to build your apps. Windows 8 didn’t take off the way Microsoft hoped it would (a bit of an understatement there). Windows 8 apps were harder to develop than things were on Windows Phone. Even though there were various XAML based technologies (Windows 8, Windows Phone, Silverlight, WPF, etc.) they were all different and things kept changing and shifting. We really didn’t know the future of XAML and whether Microsoft thought it was core to their strategy.

Fast forward to August 2015. Windows 10 has 75 million installs in a month. Microsoft uses XAML for a bunch of built in shell functionality and first party apps. There is a new Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) SDK to easily build apps using XAML for Windows 10 from desktop to tablets to phone. These apps will run in a window on the desktop instead of full screen, making them a first class member of the Windows Desktop ecosystem. Let’s hope that we are finally on a stable platform where the technology can evolve instead of changing drastically with every release.

I was presenting at the Tampa Code Camp about a month ago and someone came up to me after my presentation on Windows 10 UWP apps and said “I’ve been writing applications in C# for years and just never really got a handle on XAML.” I thought about my plans to create this blog, and specifically about creating a series of posts for beginners on Developing Windows 10 apps using XAML. Not for complete beginners, I will expect that you have a working knowledge of C#, but I won’t assume any knowledge of XAML. I also plan on mixing in posts about some more advanced topics related to UWP development using XAML.

I hope you enjoy, and you can shape the direction of this blog in the comments of any of the posts. I am very excited about the future of XAML and that we can take this journey together.

Bill Reiss

  • hugovermaak

    This blog is exactly what the Windows Dev community needs. Looking forward to all the great stuff that you are going to teach!

    • Thanks! I haven’t found anything else out there quite like it so I hope it is useful.

  • I’m currently stuck in WindowsForms… your site looks like a great place to start and learn. Thanks for taking your time and share all of this!

    • Thank you Jonathan hope you enjoy and that it’s useful to you. Please let me know if there are any topics you need more details on.

  • Looking forward to reading your blog – looking to expand my xaml knowledge beyond the basics :)

    • Thanks Mike I will be doing basics for a while building up to more complex topics but I think maybe even these might have a nugget of insight that is useful.